Fortis has a marvelous character in Chainsaw Jane, a complicated woman with a cryptic past. Jane’s voice, the result of countless cigarettes and an occasionally thick Russian accent, comes through loud and clear thanks to Fortis’ snappy, smart dialogue.       KIRKUS REVIEWS




a satirical thriller

Jane Dzhugashvili, aka Chainsaw Jane, is addicted to cigarettes, vodka, and curse words, but when it comes to solving tough murder cases, she’s the best psychic sleuth in PA.


When Dorothea Sishy disappears, two NYPD detectives turn to her for help, for when it comes to unbreakable police cases, Chainsaw Jane is the one to crack them. Reading her Tarot cards, Jane maintains that Dorothea’s head will be found in Central Park North, her torso at the bottom of Central Park Lake, her legs in the East and West Village, and her arms somewhere in the Upper East and Upper West Side. What’s more, Jane is adamant one of the widow’s many lovers is responsible for butchering her body.

The murder case gets too close to home when Cruz, Jane’s best friend, also goes missing. It’s evident there’s a link between the events, and if something isn’t done fast, Cruz will end up dead, too. The clock is ticking, and one of the detectives is about to make a fatal mistake.

Are you in for a nail-biting ride with colorful characters?